Steel Valley Renegades Wrestling Club

Wrestling Summer Camp

2024 Wrestling Summer Camp

Steel Valley Renegades is proud to announce our 5th Annual Wrestling Summer Camp in Easton Pennsylvania!

Our program gives wrestlers the opportunity to learn new techniques, skills and mindsets to help deliver that champion match.

Our camp focuses on K-8 girls and boys up to 115lbs.  Focus on fundamental wrestling techniques, including takedowns, rides, escapes, tilts, and pinning combinations. This camp also offers lessons in sports nutrition, weight management, core training and wrestling mindset.

What You Can Expect:

Unique design that allows wrestlers to learn high percentage techniques from some of the best coaches in the country.

Low Coach to Wrestler Ratio – Typically 1:10 – 1:15

30 Wrestler Cap Count Per Session

Wrestling Mindset – Develop unstoppable confidence, mental toughness and the ability to relax under pressure and enjoy competition. Compete freely, without the fear of losing, to maximize performance and win more.

Live & Situational Matches

Circuit Training & Sports Performance Training

As our partnerships continue to grow so does our network.  This camp is not just for PA wrestlers.  Over the years we have committed top 10 wrestlers from over 30 states across the country including New Jersey, Washington, Colorado, California, Texas, Florida.  Your son or daughter will develop friendships with wrestlers from all over the country.

And, of course, what intensive summer camp wouldn’t be complete without our Slip n Slide??  Our wrestlers and coaches cool off and have fun toward the end of each camp.

Ensuring Top Talent

Although we haven’t nailed down all of our 2024 instructors yet, our camps have historically hosted some of the best coaches and instructors in the area including:

Whitey Chlebove (SVRWC – Head Coach)
Gyasi Parkins (SVRWC – Advanced Head Coach)
Matt Buckno (SVRWC – Novice Head Coach)
Russ Silverstein (Wrestling Mindset)
St. Luke’s Sports Performance
Kerry McCoy / Resident athletes – Lehigh Valley Wrestling Club
Donnie DeFilippis (Yale Street WC Owner / Head Coach)
Malyke Hynes (Lehigh University Wrestling)
Jojo Aragona (Asst Wrestling Coach – Former D1 Rutgers / Campbell)
Jordan Oliver (Easton HS, Oklahoma State, Bellatore MMA)
Sammy Sasso (Nazareth HS & Ohio State)
Sonny Sasso (Nazareth HS & Virginia Tech)

AND…Numerous D1 Alumni Savages home from college will be present throughout camps