What is tumbling?

Please know that it does not mean to be clumsy! The sport of tumbling is acrobatic and is performed on a long spring runway.

There are eight skills involved in a tumbling routine and each tumbler performs two passes. Tumbling is made up of round-offs, twists, somersaults, handsprings, tucks, and dismounts. Just like gymnastics, tumbling will help your child develop strength, flexibility, momentum, and stability. Tumbling is very entertaining because who doesn’t love watching people do cool flips and twists? Your child will learn different techniques, stretches, and exercises also.


Beginner Class Levels 1-2
For athletes with little to no experience. Class will focus on Cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, handstands.

Intermediate Class Level 2-3
Will work on learning a round off and back handspring.

Advanced Class 4+
Class for Athletes that HAVE a back handspring and are ready to learn more advanced skills.

Jump Class
This class is offered to improve your cheerleader’s jump height, flexibility, and technique.

Vixens Tiny Cheer Team
Tiny Team age ranges from 3-6 years old. A season of Tiny Team competitive cheer runs from June -May with athletes practicing 1x per week starting in June. These teams will learn a routine involving “limited” tumbling, “ground” stunting, motions, jumps, and dancing! Our Tiny Teams will compete 3-4 times throughout the season!

Consider These Four Great Ways That Tumbling Can Benefit You

Increase Flexibility

Tumbling teaches you how to move your body through jumping, twisting, and flipping skills. Practicing these helps you gain agility and flexibility, which decreases the likelihood of injury both on the tumbling mat and in everyday life. Tumbling also increases your motor control and coordination when you learn skills like handstands and jumps.

Develop Strength

When you practice the running and springing skills that tumbling requires, you develop strength in your legs, back, and arms. Gaining the power and strength in these muscles can help you perform the moves correctly.

Get Physically Fit

The constant activity that tumbling requires gives you a terrific workout and helps you manage your weight effectively. Children also benefit because tumbling provides them a safe and fun way to get physically active through running, jumping, and climbing.

Learn to Fall Correctly

Tumbling helps you learn how to fall the right way which prevents or reduces the risk of injury. This skill is useful to have because it teaches you to relax while falling so you can quickly regain your footing.

How Does Tumbling Help My Wrestling Skills?

Often, you will see some country’s wrestling teams warm up by doing gymnast maneuvers. They believe a solid gymnastics foundation is imperative to good wrestling. They’re not wrong. Gymnasts are pound for pound, some of the strongest people on the planet. Tumbling & Gymnastics can drastically improve your balance and hips which are essential to a solid defense. The skills you learn, and the strength you develop will make you a better overall athlete and ultimately a better wrestler.