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Our Tagline, “Trust the Process” Means So Much

Process: a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

Steel Valley Renegades is committed to not only teaching your youth athletes the sport of wrestling with an emphasis on skill and technique, but also the values that accompany it, like accountability, resilience, teamwork, and discipline. Led by Lehigh Valley’s own Coach Whitey Chlebove, we encourage a competitive but fun and energetic environment for our wrestlers. Our process is one that is proven and makes our youth athletes 1% better every day.

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Compete to Excel

In order to excel, you need to compete and compete often. Our teams are divided by age, weight, and ability and you will have the chance to compete at multiple events throughout the Lehigh Valley, the state of Pennsylvania, and other venues across the entire US. Placement on a team is done by filling out an application, then it is up to the coach’s discretion to create the team. The team has wrestle-offs for each weight class and every attempt is made to ensure all of the wrestlers get a chance to compete each week. We will also offer wrestlers the opportunity to enter several local tournaments to help gain experience.